Alone time

I love it when my husband is away for work.

I love my own space.

I love chatting to him on the phone, sharing our different experiences of the day.

I love the silence.

I love watching ‘comfort telly’ – the kind of programmes or films you’ve watched a million times and can recite word for word, but which are a soothing, comforting background to the evening’s relaxation.

This is what I’ve been up to during my most recent alone evenings.


Granny stripe ripple by Lucy of Attic24 – I have already designated the spare room in our new house as my office/den/parlour, and the sofa is going to to be adorned with around two square metres of colourful crocheted blankety goodness.

This is a bit of a departure for me as I’m not usually a colours person – but I adore the way this is working up. As a novice crocheter it’s truly bizarre trying to unlearn my years of knitting – I love trying something new.

What do you do with alone time?


2 thoughts on “Alone time”

  1. Beautiful colours. I also appreciate the alone time of hubby working away! I do exactly the same as you. I watch all the films that he won’t let me watch with him. All the rom coms.
    Enjoy 🙂


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